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It is sunny today .My mother, my father and I are going to the park. We like the park very much. It is very big and beautiful .There are many trees and flowers in it. Many people like to go there. Look! An old man is sitting on the chair. He is reading a book carefully. Two boys are jumping on the ground. Their mothers are talking with each other. Two birds are flying in the sky. The ducks are swimming in the river. They are very happy. What is the cat doing? Oh, it is running after a mouse. It’s a poor mouse.





  Ah! It’s a warm spring! On the nice day, I, Linda and Sally go the MeiYuan Park, have a pi ic together. I must go the supermarket in advance, buy some sock and coke.

  It’s all right! We must on foot go park. We are starting the school. First, we go straight, turn right, and then go straight, too. We are getting to the park. Oh, the park it’s very beautiful!People playing so happy, the flower is lovely, too. We eat the delicious food. Linda has many crackers and cakes, Sally have a box of chocolates. We are playing the carrousel over a cup of coke. We are very pleased.

  It’s a nicety day!





  The park are full of people in the morning. Everyone knows doing exercise is good for health. Look! There are a group of old men under the big tree. They are doing Taiji. There are lots of young men playing table tennis. The old women are near the table. They are dancing. Some young children are walking with their parents in the park.

  早晨公园里满是人. 人人都知道锻炼有益健康. 看, 在大树下有一群老年人,他们在打太极拳. 有许多年轻人在打乒乓球.在球台附近有些老大娘在跳舞. 一些小孩子在父母的陪伴下在公园里散步.


  It was a nice day. My family and I went to the park to have a walk. There are a lot of people in the park. They are all enjoying different kinds of activities. Some are playing cards, some are playing chess, some are walking their dogs, and others are talking and laughing happily with their friends. I like this kind of atmosphere. The park is a good place to relax ourselves. It is also a good place to do some exercise to keep healthy.



  关于公园关于我的业余爱好Tonight, my parents and I went to the park for a walk after dinner. There were so many people, and a lot of families hanged out. There was a special show in the center park, and people could sing in the stage. I asked my mother to sing because she liked singing so much. Though she refused at first, she sung at last. A lot of people praised her.




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Wow! This is a nature park. It’s so nice. The water is blue. The air is fresh. Look at the elephants. They are drinking water. Look at the kangaroos. They are jumping. Look at the monkey. It’s swinging. It’s very happy. I can two bears. One is playing on the grass, the other is sleeping on the stone. Look at the birds. They are singing.



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一般过去时作文:Where is the park?

Today I wanted to went to the RenMin park,but I didn’t know that where is the RenMin park.Then I saw a passerby and I asked him that where is the park I wanted to go.He told me the way in detail and always point to an area.

But in a strange languege,too.So although I was listening carefully,  I still didn’t know that how can I get to the park.And suddenly, I felt very happy and amusing. Because I saw a building not far away, and the park is also behind it!






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Yesterday morning ,I got up earlier. The birds are singing in the trees. After breakfast ,My mother and I went to the local park.

  Everything was beautiful.The sky is blue.The sun is magnificent.You can see many flowers and trees in the park.Some children are playing in the park.

  I saw many boats on the lake at the foot of the hills. Later on , mother and I played hide-and-seek in the park.

  Yesterday, I had a good time.



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